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Electrotherapy Unit

Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy in the treatment of impairments of health and conditions of abnormal functioning. It is basically composed of the use of electric currents, referred to as "Tesla currents", in therapeutic applications. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrotherapy )

Home Care Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable electrotherapy manufacturer which has vast experience in designing and producing electrotherapy products and equipment. We offer a broad range of products including self adhering electrodes, jelly, TENS units, ultrasound gel, electrodes & TENS wires, health mattresses, and more. In order to provide customers with a superior quality of electrotherapy equipment, puts great effort into quality control. Only products which pass our strict quality control system will be delivered. We have been working closely with doctors and professors to innovate more electrotherapy products to help customers to combat physical problems. Staying on top of the latest electrotherapy technology is our daily routine. Therefore, you can find electrotherapy equipment has advanced technology.

In the future, we look forward to cooperating with new customers and coming up with more new ideas in the electrotherapy area. If you are interested in our products or you have any comments, you are welcome to make inquires. We will reply to you soon!