Hot & Cold PacHot & Cold Pack (Solid hydro-gel)

HT250, HT250A, HT500, HT500A, HT1000, HT1000A

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  • Suitable for many injuries or discomforts.
  • Can stay hot or cold for around 30 mins.
  • Excellent for hot/cold therapy or to comfort body
  • Contains a solid & soft polymer-hydrogel.
  • Stays soft & pliability below freezing or heating.
  • Can be reused & won’t spill out if pack is torn.
Small ( HT250 items )
Medium ( HT500 items )
Large ( HT1000 items )
*A: with elastic

Instructions for use

  • Heat therapy or to warm the body
    1. Place the pack into a microwave oven to heat.
    2. Place or strap the heated pack onto the required body region.
  • Cold therapy or to cool the body
    1. Place the pack into the freezer to cool ( NO TIME LIMIT).
    2. Place or strap the cooled pack onto the required body region.

Heating Instructions

  • In microwave oven ( power 1000W )

  • Heat in circulation heat wind oven for around 5~10 min ( less than 185˚F).
    1. If the pack is accidentally torn, it can still be heated in a microwave oven or cooled in a freezer.Inside contains special material that will not spill out and harmless if touched.
    2. Please pay attention to the temperature of the pack, when being used on patients or children.